Thursday, September 1, 2011

One VERY small step

Today was the first day for teachers. Today was the day to begin the year with a smile. Begin the day with excitement for the new year. I walked into my classroom, hoping that at least my furniture was out, ready to begin the cleaning process. When I saw that the room was the same as I left it, not started, the tears began flowing. It was quite pathetic, but completely unavoidable. As of Tuesday there were about 6 of us whose rooms had not been started. Today there was one; me! I tried my best to smile in fear that tears would appear if I didn't and I helped everyone else whose rooms were JUST finished. The reason I write this is not to complain, because that is not me. I am writing to say how much I L-O-V-E the people I work with. They were there with hugs, smiles, and support. So many people offering their free time and labor day weekends to help me when my room becomes ready. I can't even begin to say how nice it is to feel supported.

And my small step that you are wondering... That came at 3:30 today when the most apologetic custodians (Who are not to blame) began moving things out my room to begin the cleaning process and vowed to stay until it was finished tonight. (There was minor construction done in our school that ended later than planned which pushed the cleaning back WAY late)

PS- For all those Dunkin Donuts fans, I had the world's longest order this morning. I swear! Think food shopping receipt. But hey we needed our coffee :)



Kyleigh never complains. She is the nicest person in the building. Understanding, forgiving, heart broke for her when we walked into her room and saw that she won the prize of being the LAST ONE! Kyleigh helped everyone else in the building who needed any kind of help! Today, very few were physically there to help her, but she got a lot done! She is a strong person and a great teacher. But most of all she is an amazing person with a great spirit! Thank you Kyleigh for living this horrible nightmare with me (I am so sorry we had to do it), and for picking up my DD! I love you very much!