Monday, February 28, 2011

Favorite Things Linky Party!

Visit Fun in First to sign up for the Linky Party. First of all, I'm all kinds excited about being in a linky party. Guess my life isn't that rousing :) Anyways here's my CURRENT favorites, because I change some of them weekly. In no particular order. 1. Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla coffee -light and sweet. Honestly it gets me through those bad days and nights. It is so sweet that I currently am dieting from it so my love for it is now deprivation and I am dying for a large cup of it :)
2. TV Shows: Glee (I laugh out loud every episode), Vampire Diaries, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl--> almost anything on the CW (They remind me of my middle school and high school years. You know the simple life), Grey's (the relationships make me smile), Greek (so sad this is the final season. It is honestly a fabulous show) Tosh.O (It's so wrong, but so right)
3. Kohls- well more specifically Lauren Conrad's line. I truthfully love her! My co-workers even put her picture in a frame and signed it as her for me. Her clothes are relatively priced and they fit amazingly.
4. Target!!!- Like most teachers, who can't walk in there and NOT buy something. My closest is full of Target. To make it even better there are Starbucks in most NJ Targets.. Can you say my Heaven :)
5. My Family- I've said it before but I am honestly blessed to have the most amazing family. They make me laugh and smile at the same time. Everyone says that when you grow up that's who will still be around for you and it's so true. I enjoy going home for weekend trips more than most people should enjoy going home to see their family. I wish I lived closer, but an hour and half is not that bad. ---> This would also include my husband and our doggie Roofio. They are me and we always laugh that we really only have each other where we live, but we've made our little life quite nice.
6. Emily Giffin, Nicholas Sparks, and Sarah Dessen books. I seriously have everyone of their books and spend the big bucks to buy their newest books. You know the hardcover ones that teacher's rarely spend $ on. Everyone one of their books take me to their (hopeful) movie versions. Can you imagine my excitement of the upcoming release of Emily Giffin's Something Borrowed. It was one of the best books I've read. Seriously if you haven't read it yet, DO IT!
---> secret dream #1 I want to write books. I wrote 2 young adults novels as a teen, but never finished them and started a novel in college, but again didn't finish it. 7. Mumford and Sons- Currently I am listening to their amazing music as I type. The folk sound makes me so insanely happy. Their lyrics are amazing and honest. Right now The Cave is my favorite song.
8. I heart baseball season. The smell of hot dogs and fresh cut grass make me grin from ear to ear. I can't wait to put on my Victorino t-shirt and Phillies hat. I grew up a Yankees fan because my mom's family have been Yankees fans as long as possible. My father was a huge Phillies fan so I always cheered for them, too. My husband grew up a Phillies fan and eventually converted me to them even more. I am lucky to have married into a family with season tickets and who love baseball as much as I do.
9. Sirus XM radio- Who would have thought radio would make someone so happy. My favorite presets are Coffeehouse, 90s on 9, and AltNation. I am unique with my music so I also have a Frank Sinatra's station, 90s Grunge, Old School Rap, and Broadway presets, too. Told you crazy music fan. --> secret dream #2 Want to play the guitar, preferably the acoustic. 10. The beach. I live in NJ and grew up a mile from the beach. I love the smell, the overflow of people who visit every year, and the sand on my feet. This also includes flip flops :)
11. Cross Fit- It's my gym and it has been the best thing to happen to me. I started a year ago and I will never again join a "gym". If you have one close to you, stop in for a free class and I hope you'll be converted, too. I am stronger and proud of my accomplishments so far.



Thanks for playing along. I agree with you that Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla is awesome!



I too am the Dunkin Donuts Addict! I am so sad that since I moved in the middle of West Virginia, there is not a single D&D for miles! :( We plan vacations now around Dunkin Donuts and Trader Joes! So sad!


Oh, yeah...Seriously LOVE Vampire Diaries. Damon is the next Mr. Walsky. ;)

Mrs. Wristbridge

Jodi- I loved playing along the Linky party!

Kristen that is great! Last April we went to Vegas and I swear I was sad without Dunkin in my life. And yes watching those Vampire hotties is my Thursday night thrill!