Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Earthquake and my classroom pics

So I survived my first earthquake. Cross that off the bucket list. It was beyond a doubt the weirdest feeling. I was napping at the beach, when my chair shook. I assumed it was my father-in-law, but then heard everyone else say, "Did we just have an earthquake?" Quite cool, but also scary not knowing what was really going on. West coast people are brave for dealing with such bigger earthquakes.

Now for the sad news. I still have not been allowed in my classroom. Today was suppose to be the first day, but on Monday I received an email from my principal that our classrooms were still not ready. They "hope" they are ready the day before teacher's report back next Thursday. I believe I stopped breathing for a second to gather my thoughts. I am not quite sure how I will get the room ready in time, so cross your fingers for me that the room is done in time. The pictures below are from last year.

This is from the back of my room looking towards the front.

This is from my back corner towards my guided reading table and monthly books.

This is my wall of shelves. Quite challenging to look at the open shelves all day and we can't cover them with fabric or curtains. But it forces you to be organized!

This is my reading area and my books. I have a lot more books, but they are only presented at the beginning of each month.

The coat closet area. We don't have enough hooks, so the kids put their backpacks in the bins.

My desk area :)



I love all the cabinets and shelves in your room, they really are neatly organized!


Even though you can't cover your shelves, it looks so organized. I love all that storage!!

ThinkWonder Teach

I love all of your shelves. Why can't you cover them? What about with posterboard like Clutter-free classroom?

Think, Wonder, & Teach