Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Never Ending New Students

Putting a question out there to whoever is there to answer. How many new students do you get a year, on average? In the town that I teach it's normal to get 2 or 3 new students per class, in a year. This year I am up to 4 new students and am getting another new one tomorrow. (I know, this time of the year?!?) I did all the usual preparations in September for new students, but that stock pile has been taken and I had to run out tonight and get more. This now makes my total 29 second graders - 6 ELLs, 11 BSIs, and 1 autistic - and one adult. I receive BSI instruction for about 30 minutes a day and the ELL teacher pulls her students for 45 minutes a day. Anyways, I am just overwhelmed at teaching another student the class rules, procedures, and routines. Any opinions, comments, and or frustrations, too?!


Mrs. Morris

I lost a boy in November and got a girl the same week. That girl left at the end of December. I got a new boy in January and the girl came back. I got another new girl in March, but she only stayed for 3 days. I got a new boy 3 weeks ago. I am hoping I don't get any new kids this last six weeks. So I have lost 3 and gained 4 this year. This is pretty typical of my school.

I can't imagine having 29 second graders! Our legislature in Texas just removed the cap on our class sizes and we are getting our budgets slashed, so we might have class sizes that big in the coming years.

I will be planning better for new students next year. :)

Mrs. S.

I had six new students last year after the beginning of the year. Two in October (or thereabout), one in December, one in January, one in February, and another who only stayed six days (bless his heart, he had been homeless and we were his fifth school which he left to go to his sixth). I just love 'em while I have 'em!

Melly <><

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