Thursday, April 21, 2011

Epic Teacher Fails

First and foremost, I have been twelve kinds of busy lately. So I apologize for not posting in forever. Now on to the topic at hand. Yesterday was the last day before our "spring break." As you can also note, it was the last day before Easter, so it was the day for parties and holiday festivities. I was all last minute running to Target the night before. Luckily everything I needed was on sale. I bought 96 plastic eggs for about $3 and 4 bags of jelly beans for $6. The next day my amazing parent volunteer filled all the plastic eggs up and then hid them out near our classroom. My students eagerly found all the eggs and asked the obvious question, "Can we eat the jelly beans?" I said, "Of course!" Side note: I don't like jelly beans, but these were Jolly Rancher ones and they were quite tasty. Anyways, I came back after lunch/recess to begin math. I had all these fun jelly bean math activities to do. You may already see where this is going. I had the kids eat all the jelly beans already! Needless to say EPIC TEACHER FAIL. I laughed and told them, "See teachers make mistakes, too!" I found some extra jelly beans for them to at least do some of the activity pages. Minutes later, I overheard one my best teacher friends tell her tale of the epic teacher fail. You see, her plastic eggs were filled with other types of candies, including chocolate. I should explain that usually in NJ our Easters tend to be rainy and or cold. However, yesterday was not any of the above. It was a sunny, 83 degrees. Again using inferencing, what do you think happened next? Of course, the chocolate melted in the toasty eggs. Oh well, we both laughed at our misfortune. Hopefully you liked your story Tracy!