Friday, April 29, 2011

Lego Club

I am blessed to work in a school with some wonderful parents. One in particular noticed her own sons' love of Lego and began researching. A discovery was made about a Junior Lego Club that she introduced to fourth graders. However she also was willing to visit all of the classrooms and do a mini-lesson with the students. Let me tell you how excited they were! First she told them the rules including my favorite which was that there is a 4 minute period of thinking and building WITHOUT talking. I thought, "yea right!" They were silent and did not touch the Lego blocks until she told them to.
One instruction was to build things that make them happy --> see the picture of Lego people watching TV and making dinner.
Another instruction was to build something new or exciting --> see the picture of the assembly line where the pieces moved along to make real tools.
And lastly, make their lunch. One of my autistic students created his sandwich (jelly, mustard, and ham?) and his juice box. -- see picture below. He used the small blocks to represent each of the colors of the things on his sandwich. As well as creating a straw in his juice.
I was so impressed with their work, their ideas, and their passions! Later in the winter I was invited to judge the 4th grade creations at their Lego Club Expo. Truly intelligent fourth grade brains out there.


April Brown

We've also got terrific parents who run a LEGO club in our school. I've got several students who enjoy going. I think it's such a great activity. It helps to build their spacial and visual skills.
Great blog.
April Brown