Saturday, February 19, 2011

Family Outing

I am one lucky girl and am part of a wonderful extended family. As a child I was raised by my wonderful parents and our huge extended family. You know grandparents, great-grandmothers, aunts, uncles, and cousins. As we've all aged and the generations have grown, my sister and I have taken the roles as the older, but fun cousins that we once had. Today we ventured out to Liberty Science Center located near New York City with some of the young cousins on hand. Due to the eager 11 year old and her desire for science exploration, we arrived promptly at 9am and headed straight for the Touch Tunnel. This would be an entirely pitch black maze where one must crawl and uses their sense of touch to exit. Not my kind of fun (hello claustrophobia)! Later we explored many awesome exhibits, including modern science technology, infections, and my personal favorite brain puzzles. Brain puzzles are amazing because even the smartest people can be tricked. I loved watching adults try the puzzles for several minutes, get frustrated, and eventually look at the solution. Of course, the solution makes it look sooooo easy. Moments later a child would walk up and somehow figure it out. The best part of the day would be the 6 year old cousin who was more fascinated with this spiral coin machine than anything else. Maybe the teacher in me, I took personal pride at knowing the answer to questions about matter in a small exhibit. I considered purchasing several things at the gift shop, but fortunately changed my mind in the end. In the end it was a fabulous day with family and education for all. PS- I would be the adult who tries it with no sweet victory to only cheat minutes later.